With continuous and growing displays from an industry that demands using flexible materials, thin glass substrates and polymers are shifting from rigid glass substrates. The rise of polymer and flexible displays brings new challenges in conveying and handling flexible substrates in the display manufacturing process. Meeting the challenge, CoreFlow can offer air floating solutions to handle flexible substrates.

CoreFlow air floating solution systems are capable of floating and flattening flexible sheets as well as Roll-to-Roll (R2R) configuration with minimal required tension.

CoreFlow systems can be applicable for handling tasks such as non-contact tension control and high precision handling for process applications.


The following applications can be applied using CoreFlow SmartNozzle™ technology:

  • Singular Sheets
  • Roll-to-Roll (R2R)

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FPD Inspection (AOI)02

UV Curing03

Flexible Substrates04.2

Non Contact Chuck for Semiconductor05

Slit Coating06.2

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