Air Cushion Technologies

Based on its key technology, the SmartNozzleTM, CoreFlow has developed a set of advanced aeromechanical solutions to address the most rigorous requirements of substrate handlings in the FPD, Semiconductor, and other industries:

  • Pressure Atmospheric (PA)
  • Pressure Vacuum (PV)

Pressure Atmospheric (PA) Air Cushion

The Pressure Atmospheric (PA) configuration combines SmartNozzleTM pressure and atmospheric discharge holes to provide a uniform and robust air-cushion support for glass substrates of any size or weight. This air cushion configuration is ideal for non-contact motion systems in flat panel display production, fab automation, and process equipment load/unload zones.
PA key characteristics include:

  • Low-pressure supply (80-350 mbar) atmospheric discharge holes
  • Typical air gap: 150-500 µm


Pressure Vacuum (PV) Air Cushion

The Pressure Vacuum (PV) configuration provides a high level of air-gap accuracy, ensuring precise positioning and flattening of substrates. The PV aeromechanical surface provides strong bi-directional clamping and flattening and is ideal for systems requiring accurate process zones and media flattening in the FPD, semiconductor, digital printing, and other industries.
PV key characteristics include:

  • Typical air gap: ~30 µm
  • Typical air gap accuracy: ± 5µm.
  • Enhanced-system air-gap accuracy: up to ±2 µm


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