Ultra-Thin Wafer Handling

In the semiconductor industry, the demand for smaller devices that pack more memory, more computing power, and more power efficiency has led to product structures of increasing density.
Two- dimensional manufacturing techniques that used to suffice have reached their physical limit and have been replaced by 3D techniques, which require the handling and stacking of multiple layers and/or multiple thin wafers.
These thin – and very often twisted and warped – wafers pose great challenges for existing automated handling and processing platforms, which have difficulty gripping the wafers and may ultimately cause damage to them.



CoreFlow’s SmartNozzlesTM technology was developed to overcome this challenge.

CoreFlow’s self-adjusting vacuum systems “sense” the bending in the surface and grip the wafer – despite the warpage. SmartNozzlesTM controls the vacuum that flows through them and in doing so, minimizes vacuum loss and optimizes performance. By designing and choosing the right nozzle, we can assure firm yet sensitive retention of the fragile wafer, regardless of its warpage and diameter. When handling and processing of thin wafers are required, CoreFlow's SmartNozzlesTM- based handling platforms significantly improve both process yield and throughput.


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