The Semiconductor Industry

The constantly increasing demand in the semiconductor industry, for more computing power and memory on smaller devices, and a lower rate of energy consumption drives the wafer manufacturing process to the limit. Sensitivity to process cleanliness drives efforts to achieve particle reduction, while the push for thinner substrates has led to increased levels of substrates warping – and new challenges in wafer handling.

Driven by the extreme purity requirements of wafer handling, CoreFlow addresses the challenges of reducing wafer backside contamination. Utilizing its unique aeromechanical technology, CoreFlow’s non-contact chuck safely handles semiconductor wafers, applying pressure and vacuum forces that flatten the wafer and keep it hovering at a micron over the chuck’s surface.

CoreFlow’s selective vacuum (SV) technology was developed specifically for the handling of warped and/or odd-shaped wafers. The vacuum adapts itself to the wafer surface, ensuring safe, non-contact handling, thereby improving manufacturing yields.

CoreFlow’s non-contact chuck and Selective Vacuum products have been adopted by major semiconductor equipment manufacturers on three different continents.

The Semiconductor Industry

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