Air-Floating Solutions for UV Curing Systems

Ultraviolet curing (UV curing) is a photochemical process in which high-intensity ultraviolet light is used to instantly cure coatings or adhesives.
CoreFlow’s aeromechanical solutions are integrated into the UV curing process stage, allowing glass substrates to pass through the UV curing process mechanism.
With CoreFlow’s unique air floating solution, the coated substrate floats above the stage at a uniform air gap of ~30 μm, ensuring highly- consistent exposure to the UV curing light.
CoreFlow’s air-floating solution can be designed for glass substrates of any size and thickness and can be built into UV-curing tools of any length.
The use of UV light exposes the stage to high levels of heat, and a cooling method is required to avoid substrate warping and performance issues.
As an innovation-driven turnkey solution provider, CoreFlow produced specially designed stages for a large Korean OEM. The stages employ embedded water-cooling channels that are connected to a water refrigeration system. 




Key Features and Benefits

  • Air-gap accuracy of up to ±5μm
  • Consistent exposure to UV light without any seam lines
  • Embedded cooling system
  • Low air consumption (pressure and vacuum) levels save on energy costs
  • The durable surface is resistant to damage from scratches, dust, and fluids
  • Proven handling system for UV curing applications – on substrates of any size, any thickness
  • Few moving parts – reduces maintenance costs

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