CoreFlow Announces New Stage Blockage Monitoring System for PV (Pressure Vacuum) air-floating stages

CoreFlow Ltd., a leading solutions provider of non-contact advanced handling and conveying systems announced the successful testing of the newly developed monitoring system for Air Floating stages.

Stage blockage events reduce manufacturing system performance, harming substrate floating height precision. In extreme cases, blockages may cause direct contact between the substrate and the stage surface, damaging the substrate.

The system, monitors the stage supply in the process area, enabling alerts in a short time after a blockage occurs. This indication allows the production team to pinpoint an occurring event faster after one glass cycle time, significantly reducing troubleshooting time and increasing production yield.

The Stage Blockage monitoring system is compatible with CoreFlow PV Air Floating or Vacuum stages. For example, it can be used on coating systems, inspection systems, inkjet printers, and it is scalable to any substrate size with any nozzles pattern distribution like orthogonal in two axes, staggered distribution in one axis, axis-symmetric, or random distribution. The system can set to monitor all vacuum nozzles in the system or only part of them.

"The Stage Blockage Monitoring System that was develop by CoreFlow’s leading engineering team, brings our customers a competitive edge and a great value in their product yield and quality," said Eric Joely, CoreFlow CEO. "We are proud to continue and develop leading-edge products for our customer to support the growing challenges and demands in the FPD industry"


New Stage Blockage Monitoring




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