Flow Rate Calculator for Pressure-Atmospheric (PA) Handling Solutions

CoreFlow Ltd., a leading solutions provider of advanced, aeromechanical-based handling and conveying systems announced the availability of a Flow Rate Calculator for its Pressure-Atmospheric (PA) handling solutions.  The calculator can be accessed on the company’s web site using the link:


The calculator, which allows Air Floating (PA) system users to accurately compute air pressure supply requirements, improves system efficiency, and reduces energy expenses.  To use the calculator, the user simply enters a set of parameters including system size, substrate thickness, and air gap requirements.  The online tool, which performs calculations for both “Flat” and “80-degree” PA systems, responds with highly accurate MFR (mass flow rate) and input powering requirements.

CoreFlow's customers, who are constantly striving to maintain a competitive edge in their manufacturing operations, can use the calculator to improve operational efficiency and reduce energy costs.  The online calculator allows them to quickly and easily perform MFR computations, which can then be used to optimize system performance, applying exactly the power level needed to achieve the required air gap.

Once the parameters are entered on the calculator main page, the user can view the calculated results online for various types of air-bars and can distribute the results by email.



To use the calculator, access the page:



About CoreFlow Ltd.

CoreFlow provides high-precision, air-floatation solutions for critical processes in the Semiconductor, FPD, and other industries. The company develops, manufactures, markets, and supports handling, conveying, and processing systems used by key equipment manufacturers around the globe.


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