CoreFlow’s Innovative Selective Vacuum Solution Successfully Grips Warped and Bowed Semiconductor Wafers.


CoreFlow Ltd., a leading solutions provider of advanced, non-contact handling and conveying systems, announced a selective vacuum solution for the semiconductor industry that addresses the challenges of handling warped or bowed wafers.

Standard vacuum chucks and gripping systems, when handling a warped wafer, often fail to maintain a grip on the wafer, and may drop it, thereby wasting material, machine time, and human resources.

CoreFlow’s Innovative Selective Vacuum Technology

Utilizing its SmartNozzle technology, CoreFlow’s handling mechanism acquires the bowed wafer even when only a fraction of the vacuum array is covered.  The selective vacuum method employs flow resistors that choke the flow at the uncovered vacuum ports, ensuring that the covered ports maintain the required vacuum level.

When comparing a CoreFlow end-effector employing the selective vacuum solution to a conventional product, it was demonstrated that when losing contact in two out of four vacuum pads, the CoreFlow end-effector maintained a vacuum level of slightly over -700 mbar while the standard product generated a level of -50 mbar only! CoreFlow’s selective vacuum pads retained the wafer at a force that is 14 times more powerful than the force generated by the standard vacuum.


CoreFlow’s unique solution helps semiconductor manufacturers quickly and safely handle wafers, thereby increasing throughput, raising production yields, and improving ROI.


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About CoreFlow Ltd.

CoreFlow provides high-precision, air-floatation solutions for critical processes in the Semiconductor, FPD, and other industries. The company develops, manufactures, markets, and supports handling, conveying and processing systems used by key equipment manufacturers around the globe.


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