CoreFlow, 20 Years of Excellence



Celebrating 20 years of excellence in the field of flow-based handling systems. CoreFlow is very proud to celebrate its 20th anniversary this summer. 
With over 800 systems installed in major flat panel display (FPD) and semiconductor fabs, Coreflow is recognized as a true market leader.
"Our SmartNozzle™ is at the core of our technology. Our SmartNozzle™ flow-based approach and relentless persistence have made us what we are today”, noted Eric Joely, CoreFlow CEO. “We trust our customers to tell us what they need and provide their feedback after they have tested our solution. This type of close cooperation means delivery of quality solutions (rather than just a product) on time and in spec.”
“Our growth is based on responding to customers’ needs while also developing next-generation products.
This balanced approach has put us in the pilot seat over the years.”
“CoreFlow’s deployment in markets like South East Asia allows us to provide timely support”, adds Ami Herman, Coreflow sales and marketing manager. “Our customers know that not only can we solve their technical issues, but we are also the first ones to respond to their needs. Fab operation is very costly and every second counts. Our ability to act swiftly matters.”


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