CoreFlow Present in the International Conference On Advances in Fluid Mechanics

12th International Conference on Advances in Fluid Mechanics, July 10-12 2018, in Ljublijana Slovenia


Dr. Boaz Nishri, CoreFlow CTO, and Mr. Ronen Lautman, CoreFlow System Engineer, present at the 12th International Conference on Advances in Fluid Mechanics, (AFM 2018), which was organized by the Wessex Institute and was held this year in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Dr. Nishri presented CoreFlow's exclusive development, "1D Analytic Model for PV Aeromechanical Systems”. The 1D Analytic Model is based on the analogy between airflow and electric current and was compared in this work with a 3D CFD model. The results prove minor differences only (~3%) between the 1D analytic model and the full CFD analysis while benefitting from very fast performance calculations and low cost of ownership.


Mr. Lautman presented "The Effect of Nozzles Characteristics on PV Aeromechanical Systems". It was found that the nozzles' characteristics play a major role in determining PV performance. Vacuum (V) nozzles should be designed for viscous-dominant performance, while pressure (P) nozzles should be designed for inertial-dominant performance.


CoreFlow's R&D team, led by Dr. Nishri, develops leading-edge aeromechanical technologies and processes that address the growing challenges faced by the FPD and Semiconductors industries, and provide CoreFlow customers with efficient, innovative solutions.


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