CoreFlow Develops a non-contact chuck for Semiconductor Silicon Wafers

CoreFlow HQ, ISRAEL, 26 Feb 2018 -- CoreFlow Ltd., a leading solutions provider of non-contact advanced handling and conveying systems, has recently released a non-contact semiconductor chuck for silicon wafers processing.

The chuck was developed to address the growing industry demand for elimination of wafer backside contamination (particles free).  Utilizing CoreFlow's unique SmartNozzlesTM technology, the silicon wafer floats over the chuck surface at a precise height while it is pneumatically clamped, eliminating backside contamination and friction wear.

The non-contact chuck was successfully tested at a leading semiconductor customer and can be used in various applications such as inspection, metrology, overlay, wafer thinning and more.

CoreFlow's customer stated "using CoreFlow's non-contact chuck in our process significantly reduces backside particles count and hence enhancing our process yield"


“By offering a non-contact platform to the semiconductor industry, Coreflow enables next-generation technology," said  Eric Joely, Coreflow CEO "As semiconductors become smaller, faster and more efficient, device size shrinks and the need for clean process intensifies. This calls for an “out of the box” solution, a call that Coreflow has answered”.

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About CoreFlow Ltd.:

CoreFlow develops, manufactures and markets advanced handling and conveying solutions for Flat Panel Display (FPD) equipment manufacturers including LCD and OLED displays. With more than 700 installations worldwide, CoreFlow’s air floating solutions can be found on the production floors of many top FPD manufacturing fab plants, where they reliably handle the glass panels of the leading display brands. CoreFlow brings several decades of combined aero-mechanical expertise to deliver manufacturing solutions with unmatched quality, accuracy, and stability – solutions that minimize your risk and maximize your manufacturing yield and throughput. CoreFlow's headquarters and research facilities are based in Israel, with sales and support representatives located in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and China.



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