CoreFlow Attend Samsung InkJet Printing Core Technology Seminar

CoreFlow recently attended the Samsung InkJet Printing Core Technology Seminar 2023 in Korea.

In this seminar, only a selected number of companies with excellent technology are invited to introduce their technology directly to Samsung executives and employees from the printing inkjet division, and CoreFlow is proudly one of them.

CoreFlow CEO, Mr. Alon Segal presented our latest innovative technology solutions in the FPD and Semiconductor markets, to a wide audience of engineers and managers, building strong collaboration between the two companies.

Building collaboration with Samsung, a major player in the FPD industry, is leading to opportunities for partnerships, collaborations, and integration of CoreFlow's solutions into Samsung's products or processes.

This seminar is a significant step in raising CoreFlow's profile, establishing connections, and potentially opening doors for future business growth and innovation at Samsung.

1 SDC Seminar 2023 Jun  2 SDC Seminar 2023 Jun

 CoreFlow CEO Mr. Alon Segal at the Samsung InkJet Printing Seminar


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