CoreFlow introduces its Selective Vacuum solution for Semiconductor Robot End-Effectors, Wafer Chucks and other applications.

CoreFlow Headquarters, Feb 18, 2019 – CoreFlow Ltd., a leading solutions provider of non-contact, advanced handling and conveying systems, is now offering selective vacuum solutions that address the challenges of handling warped wafers. Utilizing its SmartNozzle® technology, CoreFlow’s handling mechanism acquires the wafer even when only a fraction of the vacuum array is covered. This is in contrast to competing technologies, in which a standard vacuum chuck would lose its gripping force and drop the wafer. In order for the vacuum force to acquire a wafer when some of the vacuum ports are uncovered, a selective vacuum is required. Use of permanent flow restrictors chokes the flow, ensuring that all vacuum ports are active – whether or not they are covered.

When comparing the CoreFlow end-effector that utilizes selective vacuum to a conventional product, it was demonstrated that when losing contact in two out of four vacuum pads, the CoreFlow end-effector maintains a vacuum level of slightly over -700 mbar while the standard product generates a level of -50 mbar only! CoreFlow’s selective vacuum pads retain the wafer at a force that is 14 times more powerful than the force generated by the standard vacuum.

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