CoreFlow’s non-contact conveying solutions employ several types of air-cushion technologies that combine SmartNozzles and Pressure Atmosphere (PA) or Pressure Vacuum (PV) configurations.


Pressure Atmosphere (PA) Air Cushion

Pressure Atmosphere (PA) configuration combines SmartNozzle pressure and atmospheric discharge holes to provide a uniform and robust air cushion support for glass substrates of any size or weight. This air cushion configuration is ideal for non-contact motion systems in photovoltaic and flat panel display fab automation and in process equipment (automatic optical inspection, FPD coating) load/unload zones.


PA key characteristics include:

  • Low -pressure supply (80mb – 350mb) with atmospheric discharge holes
  • Typical air gap: 100-500 µm
  • Height accuracy: ±50 µm


Pressure Vacuum (PV) Air Cushion

Pressure Vacuum (PV) configuration provides a high level of air gap accuracy, ensuring precise positioning and flattening of substrates. The PV aeromechanical surface provides strong bi-directional clamping and flattening, and is ideal for systems requiring accurate process zones and media flattening, such as automatic optical inspection, FPD coating, thin film solar laser scribing, metrology systems, and photolithography tools.


PV key characteristics include:

  • Typical air gap: 10µm -100µm
  • Typical air gap accuracy: ± (5µm-25 µm)

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