CoreFlow develops, manufactures and markets advanced handling and conveying solutions for semiconductor and Flat Panel Display (FPD) equipment manufacturers. With more than 800 systems installed worldwide, CoreFlow’s solutions can be found on the production floors of many top manufacturing and fab plants.


Selective Vacuum

CoreFlow’s selective vacuum solution addresses the challenges of handling warped wafers. Utilizing its SmartNozzle® technology, CoreFlow’s handling mechanism acquires the wafer even when only a fraction of the vacuum array is covered. This is in contrast to competing technologies, where a standard vacuum chuck would lose its gripping force and drop the wafer.


Product Features and Benefits




SmartNozzles® deliver high flow restriction

Eliminates vacuum loss caused by high flow via uncovered vacuum holes.

SmartNozzles® incorporate large gaps

Low risk of blockages

Vacuum selectivity level and grip force are customizable.

Performance is optimized per application.

Optional: Integrated vacuum sensor.

Wafer acquisition “watch dog”.


Selective Vacuum Concept

When a warped wafer is placed on a chuck, some of the vacuum ports (pads) may be uncovered and exposed to air. With a standard vacuum chuck, the flow will go to the exposed ports. As result, the covered ports will not have any vacuum gripping force. Selective vacuum ensures that all ports receive enough flow, regardless of their coverage. The flow at uncovered ports will be choked by the nozzle’s flow resistance, while the covered ports will generate vacuum force and the wafer will be gripped.

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