Ultraviolet Curing (UV curing) is a photochemical process in which high-intensity ultraviolet light is used to instantly cure coatings or adhesives.

CoreFlow’s air floating solutions are integrated into the UV curing process stage, allowing glass substrate to translate through the UV curing process tool.

With CoreFlow’s unique air floating solution, the coated substrate floats above the stage at an accurate air gap of 30um, ensuring highly uniform exposure to the UV curing light.

CoreFlow’s air-floating solution can be designed for any size of glass substrates and can be built into any length of UV-curing tool.

CoreFlow’s configuration enables mounting the cooling system to the floating stage, which is crucial due to the relatively high temperature of the UV lamp.


Air Floating stage for UV Curing - Key Features and Benefits

  • Air Gap accuracy of up to ±5μm 
  • Consistent exposure to UV light without any seam lines
  • Nominal air gap at process zone: 30 ±5µm
  • Low air consumption (pressure and vacuum)
  • High durability against mechanical hazards (scratches, dust and fluids)
  • Proven handling system for UV curing applications (G8)
  • Low maintenance costs

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