Innovative air-flow solutions for Semiconductors wafers handling


CoreFlow offers innovative wafers handling solutions for the Semiconductors industry.  Our solutions enhance the Production Yield, provide High Precision, and better Throughput.


By focusing on the critical challenges in silicon wafers handling within the semiconductors process, our solutions:

  1. Eliminate the risk of wafer backside contamination
  2. Ensure maximum optimization of handling warped, thin, and flexible wafers.
  3. Strong vacuum grip with partially covered pads





Explore our air-flow solution could be integrated into inspection, metrology, and other semiconductor process systems, providing consistent and reliable handling of wafers with no contact neither at the back nor front side: 


Non-Contact Chuck

 CoreFlow's Non-Contact Chuck addresses the challenges of reducing backside contamination and handling thin and flexible wafers read more >>

Selective Vacuum

The selective vacuum solution addresses the challenges of handling warped wafers. Utilizing its SmartNozzle® technology, The handling mechanism acquires the wafer  read more>>

Robot End Effector

CoreFlow’s End Effector (EE) family addresses the challenges of handling all types of wafers, including thin, perforated, compound, glass, bare and polish wafers ... read more


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