CoreFlow’s innovative aeromechanical non-contact solutions significantly improved yield and production performance

CoreFlow’s innovative aeromechanical non-contact solutions significantly improved yield and production performance at a world-renown FPD manufacturer.

The Challenge
When we first met with our customer, an Asia-based FPD manufacturer, they were operating non-CoreFlow air-floating platforms for conveying and inspecting glass substrates. They were experiencing instability of the floating glass, leading to the following difficulties:

  • Frequent scratching of the glass substrate, due to contact with the conveyor.
  • Poor production yield as a result of the high reject rate.
  • Inefficient pressure supply, leading to high energy costs.

Following a series of meetings, the customer agreed to test CoreFlow’s high-precision air-floating solution for handling glass substrates of a variety of sizes and thicknesses and was highly satisfied with the results.


The Solution
In 2018, the customer kicked-off a 3-year program to upgrade their existing conveyor lines with CoreFlow’s solution. The improved stability enabled the customer to use the conveyor for glass substrates of a variety of sizes and thicknesses.
To simplify the upgrade, Coreflow designed special PA and PV air bars in accordance with existing form factors, allowing for a seamless retrofit that required no support frame modifications. “The exceptional added value of our non-contact system is that it can be utilized to support glass substrates of multiple dimensions and thicknesses using the same conveyor”, explained Ami Herman, CoreFlow’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “This outstanding capability is achieved thanks to CoreFlow’s solution-oriented approach, based on the SmartNozzle™ technology, which is at the heart of CoreFlow's non-contact air floating systems.”


The customer has reported the following achievements since implementing the CoreFlow solution:

  • Zero scratches!
  • Improved production yield due to elimination of substrate damage.
  • Decrease of 80% in operating costs, thanks to the reduced air pressure requirements.

The customer plans to continue to upgrade additional lines with CoreFlow solutions, and in parallel, intends to build new lines using CoreFlow systems as well.

“This successful joint process illustrates the value we place on the establishment of close cooperation with our partners,” said Mr. Herman. “It all starts with studying the requirements and understanding the existing challenges in order to design and deliver advanced, customized substrate-handling solutions. Working closely with our partners, understanding their current and future needs, and designing the solutions to address them is a key to a successful long-term relationship”.

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